3 Reasons A Top Spa Uses Our Laundry Service for Scaling Her Business

Spas generate tonnes of laundry.

Towels, robes, sheets, and slippers. Massage oils and sanitation concerns make cleanliness hugely important. Businesses are made or destroyed by their reputation for cleanliness.

Here are the options a spa owner has:

  1. Spend precious employee hours washing, drying, and folding (including $15,000+ for commercial washing machines and dryers)
  2. Use a linen rental service (lower quality linens)
  3. Purchase high-quality linens and use a professional laundry service

Which one should you choose?


Here are 3 reasons why a top spa in our region purchased quality linens of their own and approached us to do their laundry every week!

Reason #1: To Elevate The Customer Experience

When the spa approached us, they were using a big linen-rental service.

The problem was the spa couldn’t control the quality of the linens. The linen rental service would bring a new load each week and they might be new or heavily used linens. The spa owner wanted to provide customers with a better quality experience. This meant new, high-quality linens, robes, sheets and towels for clients.

By elevating the customer experience, the spa is able to charge more and set itself apart from competition.

Reason #2: Leverage Staff Productivity

In businesses like spas, labour hours can be one of the biggest expenses after rent/mortgage costs.

To control profitability, labour hours need to be a cost of revenue generating activity. Spending valuable labour hours on laundry is an overspend on laundry costs and underutilization of the business’ most valuable asset – people!

Using a professional laundry service with high-capacity industrial machines and dedicated staff:

  • Maximises staff productivity,
  • Keeps laundry costs separate from revenue-generating labour hours, and
  • Doesn’t need high investment costs into industrial laundry equipment.

Reason #3: Take Advantage of Commercial Cleaning Quality

Spas use a lot of oils.

Depending on the massage oil used, these can be really difficult to clean. The problem with some massage oils is there can be an oily scent residue. The best spas will always prioritise cleanliness and removal of these oils is essential for a quality customer experience. Sometimes, soaking in a special enzyme detergent is required for a complete clean.

A professional laundry service will have access to this type of detergent and will know how to use it properly to avoid damaging the linens and to get the type of clean that is necessary.

How Our Laundry Service Can Help Your Business

If you have a spa or massage service, you may feel it’s time to get away from rental linens.

Investing in your customer experience is an investment in your own business that results in more happy customers and ultimately more money for you.

By focusing on revenue-generating activity instead of doing laundry yourself (or your staff), you free up your time to do more marketing, see more clients and make more money.

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